The Best Team Pages in Corporate Learning

Corporate learning has been working hard to shake off the connotations of rambling presentations, unimaginative content and stuffy rooms of employees who would sooner be anywhere else. In fact, this is fast becoming an outdated stereotype as most organisations now recognise the value of relevant, people-centred learning solutions that teams love to use.

The new face of corporate learning is personal, inspiring and engaging. Whether we’re communicating directly with consumers, leaders of L&D, HR or any other corporate function, our branding should reflect this. The bar has been raised both for corporate learning and the team page. Down with the rows of stats, professional certifications and stiff headshots. Up with stories, creativity and a focus on people. Below are some of the best:

Branding with a difference: Kahoot

They might be taking the corporate world by storm, but Kahoot! remain a fun-loving organisation who like to do things differently (like making their brand name an exclamatory!)

Headshots featuring the Kahoot! leadership team wearing branded hoodies over formal shirts perfectly convey their playful values and commitment to originality.

Showing some personality: Bright Carbon

The team page is a great place to inject some personality and build human connections. Bright and playful in design with quirky icons to denote interests, eLearning agency, Bright Carbon, features chatty, funny bios which include details of team members’ ‘hidden skills’, like trampolining and cross stitch. Overall, the page gives us a strong sense of the organisation’s culture and approach.

Showcasing expertise: Kineo

The team page is an obvious space to highlight expertise and experience. The challenge is to convey this without sounding formulaic, boastful or dull.

Workplace learning specialists, Kineo, show genuine commitment to their own lifelong learning with team responses to ‘What learning are you doing right now?’ Answers range from French classes to a diploma in L&D.

Committing to diversity: Treehouse

It’s hard not to notice that most L&D team pages are white-male dominated, particularly at leadership and advisory board level. But tech degree provider, Treehouse, is a notable and wonderful exception.

Leaders in equality, diversity and inclusion, Treehouse feature a diverse set of team headshots organised in the shape of their logo. The same page describes Treehouse inclusion initiatives, like ‘allyship’ training and anonymised recruiting processes.

Bringing quirky humour: FutureLearn and Mango Languages

Continuing with the ‘people as logos’ trend, we should definitely mention the dancing FutureLearn team organised in their distinctive staircase.

Then, reaching new levels of quirky, we have the Mango Languages team page, which describes how co-founder Ryan “Screaming Eagle” Whalen invented his own system of internal office currency to beat inflation and named it the Whalen buck. Who wouldn’t want to meet Ryan after reading that?

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