Five Good Reasons to Enter Education Industry Awards


The Bett Awards entry deadline is approaching. As much as this might feel like an unwelcome ‘to-do’ at an already hectic time of year, there are indeed many good reasons to enter. Not all education or L&D awards are created equal, but a Bett is widely recognised as a badge of quality for prospective customers and cost-effective way to drive edtech growth.

A thoughtfully constructed application takes a little time, but here are five reasons why it’s good for business:

  1. Attract new talent and investment

We all want to pick a winner, and wider recognition often attracts those who can afford to be more selective about who they choose to partner. The buzz of a big win can elevate the status of your company and pull in the people to take you even further.

  1. Enjoy third-party validation

A high-profile win, or even a shortlisting, is an indicator of quality and trustworthiness among prospective customers – especially if the award name is widely known. People buy brands and the decision is made easier if they know that brand is reputable.

  1. Get the word out

Think media exposure, influencer tweets and big shiny trophies displayed in reception. Awards present some myriad ways to expand brand visibility, and the logo can be displayed pretty much everywhere: your company website, email signatures, letterheads. Then you have the associated networking events that present new opportunities for your business to create a positive impression with customers, prospects and industry leaders.

  1. Differentiate your brand

Innovative? Expert? Problem-solving? Plain cheaper than everyone else? Whatever your response, an award can help set you apart from your competitors. Most entries require a written application of around 1,000 words, so select your category carefully and emphasise your brand’s uniqueness.

  1. Encourage loyalty

Why leave when you’re already with the best? External recognition that your product has real value can promote customer loyalty and motivate existing employees too.

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